Standards-based Guiding Questions

Communication - How might you communicate your feelings about and understanding of a powerful concept to others?

Culture - How are the concepts that you use to understand the world influenced by the cultures in which you live?

Connections - How do disciplinary perspectives shape (and limit) what it is possible for you to understand?

Comparisons - How do the concepts chosen by our class reflect the things valued by our culture?

Communities - How do the communities in which you participate influence the concepts that are available for you to understand? - chericem1 chericem1


Blind Before Yesterday - Does the video evoke any questions in your mind? How does the statement at the end of this one minute cell phone video change your understanding of the "concept" this student was attempting to capture? How does it relate to the title of the video? What do you think happened to this "student" yesterday? Does it have the potential to provoke the viewer to action?

Demographic - One minute cell phone video example of what this project could look like

How to Be Alone - A short, poetic video about the concepts of loneliness and solitude (an EXCELLENT example of this project)

On Second Thought - One minute video created on a cell phone that offers a wordless example of what this project might entail

Image-ry - Super lesson plan that encourages students to explore layers of images and words in collaborative ways with students in other classes. French digital story example is also present. Theoretical Framework page is nice

True America - Example of how images and narration can be juxtaposed to make powerful statements about substantive issues

Wisdom - Note the multimedia examples here - students could do something in print (i.e., like the book format), or video (see the film), etc.

Project Resources

- chericem1 chericem1
- chericem1 chericem1
- chericem1 chericem1

Fun with Flickr - This Flickr collection contains conceptually-oriented vocabulary posters, movie ads, and a number of other things students have done with digital photography that might serve as inspiration for this project

FDs Flickr Toys - Some FUN things you can do to Flickr photos (such as create CD covers, magazine covers, mosaics, trading cards, etc.) that would make super variations on this assignment.

Imagini: Discover Your Visual DNA - A social mapping project geared toward visual responses that might give you some ideas for this one

One Minute - A one-minute video about the importance of using time wisely.

Picnik - Free, very nice photo editing software that allows you to clean up, crop, edit, and save your photos.

Flickr: Tell a Story in 5 Frames - Great example of how one might capture a story in just a few photos

This project could be done using digital storytelling, e-scrapbooking, or iMovie.

Low-tech Alternative

Have students use posterboard and/or scrapbooking supplies to produce print versions of their projects. They can also perform skits or tape-record their projects.