Standards-based Guiding Questions

Communication - What makes a topic controversial? How do people you know express their opinions about controversial issues?

Culture - How are the issues that you view as controversial influenced by the culture(s) in which you live?

Connections -
How does information from other disciplines inform the controversial issue you have selected?

Comparisons - What are some of the "unwritten rules" for expressing disagreement in your culture and how do they differ from how people in other cultures express their opinions (or disagreement with someone else's opinion)? In what ways does the language one uses to express disagreement in the United States differ from the language of your target culture?

Communities -
How do the communities in which you participate influence your views regarding what counts as controversial? In what ways might you share your opinions about these issues with others to create change in the world?

Project Description

This activity encourages students to present two opposing points of view on the topic of their choice. Students may choose to accomplish that using any number of media formats, including images v. text, columns on a web page, opposing pages in a scrapbook, speech v. thought bubbles in a comic strip, split screens in PowerPoint slides, videos, etc.

Project Resources

Computers - A project written by elementary ESL students (ages 9-11) and animated by an adult.

Low-tech Alternative

Students can create a poster or a presentation board that shows the two contrasting perspectives.