Project Description

Students create finger puppet pop-up books, pop-up videos, regular pop-up books, puppet books, or pop-up videos.

  • Finger puppet pop-up books - Students create books out of posterboard that have holes in them for finger puppet characters to pop through during the story.
  • Pop-up videos - Students create videos with pop-up bubbles that provide added insight into the "text" of the video
  • Regular pop-up books - Students create books with pop-up illustrations from posterboard.
  • Puppet books - Students create scenes out of foam board with large holes cut in the same place in each scene. Students put sock puppets on their arms and stick their arms through all the foam boards. Students narrate the story, and as the scene changes, they remove the outer layer of foam board and place it on the floor. The sock puppet characters remain consistent throughout the story.

Project Example

Las aventuras de Juan Bobo - Although not a high quality video, this student-created Spanish project offers an example of how students may reinterpret culturally authentic stories with puppets (or in this case, Barbie-like dolls)

Finger Puppet Hamlet - This one-minute vlogcast is an example of just one way that teachers might consider giving teens opportunities to use toys and tech to support their talk! (Link will take you to a screenshot, video is not currently functional anywhere online)

Finger Puppets - Photoshopped image - students could make similar finger puppets out of magazine photos, then create their own scripts for a conversation among the various characters.

Project Resources


Playscript Generator

Create Your Scenario - Darling tool that lets elementary students select characters, type lines for each one, save their work, and generate a playscript

Puppet Ideas

Puppet101 - A blog devoted to all different kinds of puppets

Readers Write - Puppet Making - Simple puppets that can be made from household items

Puppet Patterns & Theaters

Finger Friends - Simple finger puppets that students can make from pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls

Finger Puppet Patterns - Links to lots of patterns for different kinds of finger puppets

MarionetasDeDedo.jpg- Album containing patterns for lots of finger puppets

HowToBuildAFoldUpPuppetTheatre.jpg- Step-by-step instructions for building a fold-up puppet theater (accompanied by diagrams)

Puppet Planet - Free, downloadable puppet patterns

Puppetools.jpg - Fantastic site with downloadable paper bag puppet patterns, resources, and materials

Theater Diagrams - Illustrated PDF that shows how to build a fold-up puppet theater

Titeres.jpg - Patterns for a variety of finger puppets

Turtle "Pop-up" Puppet Pattern


Storyboard Worksheet - Useful worksheet because it includes space for students to play each layer or "track" of the video

Story Creation Tools

AnimotoLogo.jpg - Upload images and the software will analyze them, suggest music, and remix them to create an interesting video collage that you can share with others

CreateYourScenario.GIF- Create a playscript

GoAnimateLogo.gif - Create your own videos online (choose avatars, scenes, manipulate camera angles, record your own voice)

KerpoofLogo.jpg - Allows students or teachers to use comics and different characters with different emotional body language...You can create stories and apply text and thought bubbles. It goes up to 4 frames, but to do more than one, you can simply create 2 individual sets. It allows you to print and email them after!! But be sure you do! The site does not store them once you've closed the browser!

OurStoryLogo.jpg- FANTASTIC - upload text, photos, and videos into a simple to produce a chronologically sequenced timeline. Can collaborate with others, customize, and share. Choose a type of album, answer questions, it generates for you

PhotopeachLogo.jpg - PowerPoint-like format: add photos, captions, quiz/poll options, timing then embed or share on a website or wiki

ScrapblogLogo.jpg - Scrapbook format (students could photograph their puppets)

SlideStoryLogo.png - Allows you to audio narration onto a slideshow

ViddlerLogo.jpg- Allows you to upload up to 500 MB of video directly from the camera to the website, insert timed comments, tags, and share with others

VoicethreadLogo.jpg - Easy way to connect photos and voices--particularly useful for emphasizing language without ignoring visual (in FL classes, for example). Would also be great for capturing family history


Low-tech Alternative

Homemade finger puppets with a peer who holds the "pop-up" text written on poster board over the head of the speaker (who is seated in a chair) as the speaker speaks

Puppet Planet - Free, downloadable puppet patterns

Puppetools.jpg - Fantastic site with downloadable paper bag puppet patterns, resources, and materials

Theater Diagrams - Illustrated PDF that shows how to build a fold-up puppet theater