Project Description

Have students create a music video.

Steps to Making a Music Video

Students can make their own music videos using a wide variety of tools (many of which are free).

1) Choose a school policy or social issue on which you'd like to comment.

2) Determine your position on the issue.

3) Select a culturally authentic tune that conveys your mood about the issue.

4) Write lyrics in the target language that explain your position on the issue for the tune you have chosen.

5) Take still photos (or digital video) of images or symbols that will provide visual reinforcement of the message you are trying to convey.

6) Use iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or some other tool of your choice to assemble the audio, images/video, and lyrics into a music video.


One Semester of Spanish Love Song - What does this "example of student work" tell us about what these "students" understand?

April Hoffman - Once the page loads, click on movies, then look for Let's Get It Started to see an example of how one teen is using the avatars and backgrounds from videogames to create her own machinima-style music videos.

Broken Sounds - One minute "cell flix" that focuses on the power of combining sounds with images to tell a story (all done with a cell phone)

Foux de Fa Fa - Music video in French

"French Horn" Musician ;-) - A French-speaker who treats his listeners to a unique and amazing array of classical music with his suit of horns


MLC Music - This link will take you to a wiki with sample videos, interactive activities, reading, songs, and tools for use in the language classroom - chericem1 chericem1

Music-Map - Type in your favorite musician and this site will generate a concept map-like web that shows how their music relates to that of other musicians

Songs & Other Music-related Activities - This link will take you to another wiki with strategies for using music in the language classroom - chericem1 chericem1

Super Duper Music Looper This demo will help you understand the idea of tracks and layering


ccMixter - Music mashup site . . . all works on it licensed under Creative Commons

Gabcast - Free audioblogging capabilities with public/private settings

Jamendo - Free, copyright safe music that you can use in online publications

Super Dooper Music Looper - This free, online version will help students to understand the concept of tracks, layers, and loops. The version available for purchase will let them record their own voices as one of the tracks. You can accomplish similar results in Audacity (which is completely free), but you have to record your own tracks. Mac users can use Garage Band.

Thematic Listing of Popular Songs - A list of popular songs, organized by theme, that teachers might use to supplement various thematic units

Low-tech Alternative

Have students "perform" this as a skit in class.