Project Description

Encourage students to "mash up" and layer bits of text, images, sounds, and video to communicate personal messages in powerful ways

Project Examples

A Fair(y) Use Tale - Disney movies mashed up to comment on copyright and fair use guidelines

Fine Art Mashup - What happens when you mashup famous paintings with superheroes?

Google Lit Trips (The Yellow Balloon) - Use mashups made with Google Earth and famous lit. to create virtual field trips (students "fly" to the various locations) and student podcasts. Site organized by grade levels (Kindergarten through Higher Ed) with lots of different kinds of literature represented.

Mashup Gallery - Sample animations and videos made by kids at the Canadian project "The Outlet"

No Child Left Behind: Seeking American Education's Missing Data - Mashup showing most well-funded states and best performing states

Over the Confluence of Giants - Very smooth mashup made from 5-6 different songs

Pour que tu m'aimes encore (Frenglish version) - Mashup alternates between the English and French versions of this song

Shaking Up Shakespeare - Very well-thought out blog post that describes the pedagogical decisions behind this teacher's plans for using web 2.0 technologies in an AP English class

StoryMappingStories.jpg - A variety of projects that seek to involve students in social activism via map mashups that tell digital stories

The Fastest & Funniest Lego Star Wars Story Ever Told - 2:12 min. video in which a young boy summarizes Star Wars with amazing Lego scenery/characters and special effects

The Trailer Mash - A collection of mashups made from video trailers, categorized by genre. Beware that there is an adult content genre, so you cannot let students browse this site. Some contributors have even created entirely new "films" from existing trailers, such as this Titanic Sequel mashup created from over 10 different videos.

United States of Pop - Mashup made from 25 of the most popular songs from 2007 by DJ Earworm

Project Resources

Beyond Web CT: Integrating Social Networking Tools Into Language & Culture Courses (Session 13 - Mashups)

Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS - Excerpts from each chapter of the book are available in PDF. Each one is a well-designed, one-page handout/overview of key topics in map design.

Mashup - A great Canadian site with pre-loaded "raw material" that you could use to teach kids how to layer video, music, and sound effects using tracks

Mashups Using Audacity - Project instructions and rubric for creating a mashup in Audacity

7 Things You Should Know About Mapping Mashups - Nice bulletin by Educause that outlines key issues re: map mashups in education.

Mashups/Participatory Media Literacy - Links to useful definitions, articles, and tools for educators

The Power of the Mashup

MSU Grads: Mashups - Extensive list of resources related to mashups in education

Other Mashup Examples

  • Images:
    • Alphalearner - Rudimentary mashup that generates image strips based on the letter you select
    • Bluesfear Worm - Ongoing graffiti-like online mashup created by artists (some parts of the mashup are more successful than others)
  • Images & Text: Grafik Dynamo - RSS feeds generate random image/text mashups in comic strip style
  • Audio/Music:
  • Scaffolding:
    • The Outlet - Create your own video mashups using pre-loaded video, music, and sound effects from 2 Canadian cartoons
    • Project Runway - Preloaded fashion clips, off-screen clips, music, and special effects that you can lay in tracks to create and share your own video mashups from the show
  • Video:
  • Most Popular Mashups - Index of recently created mashups

Project Tools

Click2Map - Free Google Maps Builder - Create maps online
CommunityWalk - Select a particular area of your community and annotate it with commentary and photos -

Dapper - Determine a data source, select segments to input, select output format, and it creates mashups for you that are instantly "translatable" into different output formats. Demo video is helpful.

Google Maps

Netvibes - Popular, but not as pretty or as functional (in my opinion) as Pageflakes or Protopage

Pageflakes - Nice because it lets you pre-select categories and then generates a page for you based on the content you have selected

Protopage - Beautiful interface, similar to Netvibes and Pageflakes

Schmaps - VERY nice interface that allows you to sort info. by location, photos, or titles

Yahoo Pipes - Extremely functional, very simple, visual way to create customized content and RSS feeds that can be publicly searched and shared.

Low-tech Alternatives

Have students locate (or write) a piece of text (such as a poem). Next, have them paste images from magazines that illustrate the key concepts of that piece of text onto a sheet of paper. Finally, have them write their text onto a piece of tracing paper or vellum with a dark marker and tape the tracing paper or vellum over the top of the page of images so that the images show through the paper.