Second Life

Second Life - A virtual world where you can move around and interact with people from all over the world in real time for free. People chat in a variety of languages, and some use chatbots to translate their chat into other languages. There are also commercial endeavors (see the NPR story below). Be aware that the site was originally intended for adults. Each space is "rated" (PG, M for Mature, etc.). Special space is available for teachers working with students ages 13-18.

The New Frontier of Education: Web 3D - Read this first to get a strong sense of what is possible in Second Life from an educational perspective

Second Life Educators Working with Teens - A wiki devoted to sharing information on educational projects for teens in Second Life

Kaneva - This is a virtual world with some very cool features that caters to teens

Moove - Virtual worlds are becoming increasingly popular locations for all sorts of business endeavors. This page will open your eyes to just some of the possibilities. As you view, think about the fact that you may be preparing students who will be working out of such "offices."

Free Land Grants for Educators in Second Life - Allows educators to obtain an acre of virtual land in Second Life for free for the duration of one semester so you can try Second Life with your students. Special space is available for teachers working with students ages 13-18.

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Kuo, Ben. (2006, October 11). Interview with W. Lewis Johnson, founder of Alelo. SocalTech: News. This interview discusses a military project in which gaming is being used as a tool for teaching foreign language and culture, along with its commercial spin-offs.

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