Project Description

Students create public service campaigns (including print and video advertisements) regarding the cultural or social issue of their choice.

Project Examples

Duele (Acoso escolar)
- A PSA re: school bullying

School Tube - PSAs - The student-created PSA on homelessness is particularly good

Sample Service Learning Projects - A neat story with interesting implications re: “virally marketing” important ideas to students, re: empowering students in compelling ways, and re: what it really means to be fully literate in today’s society.

Tech Projects Aim to Inspire - Information about some of the tech projects Carol Colburn and her middle school students have been involved in recently.

Colburn, Carole. (2006, May 23). Project SHARC, SHED, & HOUSE. Carole's Corner: Carole's Lessons. Retrieved March 12, 2006. - The Eighth-grade Lessons column of this page contains project description sheets, grading rubrics, and support materials for three different interdisciplinary, service-based learning projects that were designed to give students opportunities to use their technology skills to address social issues affecting their community. These ideas could easily be adapted for foreign language classes.

Innovative Teachers Report

Project HOUSE

Project Shed: Students helping to eliminate diseases. Macul Journal, 27(3), p. 32-33.

Carol Colburn & Chris Eldred: Project Innovate Application

Stanard, Alexa. (2006, May 22). Computer project in Howell connects students and seniors. The Detroit News. Retrieved June 3, 2003. This news article describes a service-learning project designed to help high school students learn more about the issues facing senior citizens while equipping senior citizens to make use of basic technologies like e-mail, Internet research, and Microsoft Word. This project could easily be adapted to language classes.

Five for Fighting - A music video site dedicated to charitable causes. Some of the videos would make great models for public service announcements or service learning projects.

Sample Public Service Announcements - Click on the links to view a variety of ads. Be sure to preview these before using them with students.

Links Related to Service Learning

Project Resources

Characteristics of an Effective Public Service Announcement - One page PDF checklist for students

Guiding Questions for Public Service Announcement Script - One page PDF

Spanish Language Ads & Public Service Announcements (CAL Digest) - Article with scripts, steps, sentence starters, etc., for a PSA project.

Videoclip Assessment Form for Public Service Announcement - One page PDF of a worksheet students can use to help them keep track of which segments of video footage they might want to use in their PSA

Audacity - Free, open source audio recording and editing software - This is a sample of how you might draft an assignment sheet for students

Taking it Global - Ideas, information, and educational resources for teachers interested in working with students on projects involving global issues


Digital Media Scoring Guides - A slick interactive rubric maker that allows you to select characteristics for particular kinds of multimedia products commonly assigned in English classes (docudramas, documentaries, how-tos, public service announcements, etc.). It generates the rubric.

Low-tech Alternative

Have students record this on a standard tape recorder.