Teens & Their Toys

What do these videos teach you about what teens find compelling?

  • Nike Freestyle - What does this commercial tell you about what teens find compelling?

  • Second Life - A virtual world where people are paying real $ to purchase "virtual money" that allows them to buy, sell, build, and create virtual places, objects, etc.

What do you know about how teens are living these days?


Content Creation

  • Bluesfear Worm - What happens when artists attempt to blend their work? (We'll discuss this one in class since content is constantly changing, so I cannot guarantee that it is appropriate)

  • Grafik Dynamico - What happens when RSS meets text, images, and creative formats? (We'll discuss this one in class as well since content is constantly changing)

Blog Novels


  • NYC Students Blog - High school students from different schools in New York City blog about their schools

Cell Phones
  • Cell Phones - Paying via text-messaging goes campus-wide in Cincinnati

Fan Fiction

  • FanFiction.JPG - Teens that are fans of particular genres or characters are now writing their own fiction based on them.

Gold Farming


IM Novels - TTYL, Commentary' - Entire novels written as exchanges of instant messages.



  • Miis - User-created digital avatars that can and can "mingle" with others.

My Space & Social Networking

  • WhateverLife - A website run by a 16-year-old girl that has become the 3rd most popular provider of MySpace layouts.


  • Son Los Mandatos - YouTube - Student-created video introducing commands. Reflects teen interests, great example of blended cultures, media literacy, etc. Very catchy rhythm, interesting use of rap conventions, great reflection of teen culture. (Alternate link on TeacherTube)

  • The Outlet - Student-created videos and animations from Canada

  • What You Know About Math? - Rap-style video created by teens re: math . . . rather sophisticated, humorous performance that interweaves rap, rhythm, rhyme, cultural stereotypes, and mathematical knowledge

How might this inform your attempts to facilitate students' learning?

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - So what does all this technology mean for you as a teacher? (If you are a world language teacher and have not read this, you should!)